You can find here answers for some questions concerns solutions problems with installation and use the script.
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How to install eStats?
Up to date instruction is added to every archive containing script.
If You still have doubts You can use Documentation.
How to upgrade script to the newest version?
If version used by You rest to the same branch as the newest, You must only, if something else was not written in README file, overwrite existing files by these from archive.
If upgrade is necessary (and possible) script will initialize it automatically.
You can find more information in Documentation.
How to install new themes?
If You want to install new theme You must insert it's directory into share/themes/ directory. If You want to set up that as default You must change settings in Configuration.
How to install new translation?
If You want to install new translation You must insert it's directory into locale/ directory. If You want to set up that language as default You must change settings in Advanced.
How can I get into administrator board?
Board is available at address: http://your.website.com/statistics/directory/index.php?vars=en/admin or http://your.website.com/statistics/directory/index.php/en/admin.
Statistics are not collected though activation code was inserted into web page, what can I do?
Check if directory data/ has set up CHMOD to 777.
If settings are regular, check if in that directory are files or directories. If yes, check if statistics are enabled in administrator board.
My web page has encoding other than UTF-8, but I want insert into titles characters that are outside of English alphabet, what can I do?
The best choice would be change the encoding of web page to UTF-8, but if You can do that for some reason, You can use iconv or mb_convert_encoding.

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