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Recent events important for the project

Another small update, includes new detection rules.

I wish you Happy New Year, let it finally bring 5.0 release. ;-)

01.01.2014 21:36:10 Author: Emdek

Small update, includes new detection rule and fix for installer.

01.06.2013 19:54:43 Author: Emdek

Small update, includes few new detection rules.

01.07.2012 18:14:32 Author: Emdek

A bit bigger update, mainly for users that use JavaScript only method to gather data.

01.11.2011 19:04:51 Author: Emdek

Update of detection rules.

01.09.2011 22:01:19 Author: Emdek

Next update, contains fix in Chrome browser detection.

01.08.2011 17:32:56 Author: Emdek

Next small update.

01.07.2011 19:24:09 Author: Emdek

A few fixes and other improvements. :-)

01.05.2011 23:32:49 Author: Emdek

Well, probably I should make joke stating that this is 5.0 release. ;-)

Happy April Fools' Day!

01.04.2011 11:03:02 Author: Emdek

First round of fixes after last big update.

15.01.2011 14:58:43 Author: Emdek

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